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General sales conditions

The present general conditions of sale regulate the contractual relations between Boullard Musique SA and its Customers. These conditions also apply to orders and sales made in store, by phone, by email, with or without the website. Any diverging agreement requires the written form beforehand in order to be admissible.

This site is owned and operated by Boullard Musique SA.

The acquisition of a good or a service through this site indicates that the Customer has read and understood the conditions of use and that he accepts their entire container at all times. These general conditions may be modified in order to maintain compliance with the law and to reflect any changes in the sales policy. Consequently, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the Customer's order.

All product and service prices are in Swiss francs, including value added tax (VAT), as well as all other legal taxes such as Suisa and the advance recycling tax (TAR). In the price are excluded the participation in the costs of packaging & shipping and the surcharge for certain means of payment. Subject to technical modifications, errors and printing errors. Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to modify prices at any time. The price indicated on site at the point of sale or published at the time of the order under is applicable. The price changes between the confirmation of the order and the delivery will not be held in force, subject to the availability of the products on the date of payment. The products remain the property of Boullard Musique SA until full payment of the price as well as any supplement. For purchases outside Switzerland, the payment of local VAT, as well as customs duties, is made by the Customer with the local tax and customs authorities. The displayed price remains in Swiss francs, Swiss VAT included. Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to cancel the Customer's order, in the event of an increase in the price of one or more product (s) on order, and to proceed with a full refund. Boullard Musique SA can exclude certain means of payment, without any other justification, of a general nature or for certain Customers. To this end, Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to check the Client's solvency by third parties. For invoice purchases, the amount must be paid within 21 calendar days. The offers are free and not binding.
Boullard Musique SA offers the Customer the sale of all articles, products or services related to musical instruments. The products and services offered are those which appear on the Boullard Musique SA website and are subject to availability. The stocks are kept up to date daily. The stock indications are: "IN STOCK" -> The article is in stock, available. "ON ORDER" -> The article is not in stock but can be ordered from our suppliers. Boullard Musique SA advises the Customer to refer to the descriptions of the products and the stock indications above.
The availability of items and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site and within the limits of available stocks. Orders are processed upon receipt of payment, including postage and processing. In the case of an unavailable product indicated on the site by the mention "ON ORDER", the order will be put on hold and the Customer will be informed of the deadlines by e-mail or by telephone. Waiting times are subject to availability from our supplier partners and the origin of the products. Partial deliveries are possible at the customer's exclusive request and against payment of additional shipping costs, according to the delivery rates in force. In the event that the number of pieces ordered is greater than the quantity available in stock, the customer will be informed by e-mail or by telephone of the availability of the products. It may happen that items marked as "IN STOCK" may no longer be immediately deliverable due to limited availability of the merchandise. In order to ensure any unpleasant surprises when ordering large quantities, Boullard Musique SA recommends contacting the store directly on 021 811 28 28 for any further information. Boullard Musique SA reserves the right not to accept or to cancel an order when a product is ordered in quantities greater than the usual quantities for a household. In the case of a product that is permanently unavailable, the order will be canceled. The customer is informed as soon as possible by e-mail or by telephone. The customer is reimbursed for all sums paid within 14 days of the order being canceled. The Boullard Musique SA specialists can redirect the Customer to a replacement product to establish a new order directly. The delivery times indicated on the site are considered as indicative and non-definitive values. If Boullard Musique SA is not able to meet a delivery deadline, this cannot be the subject of a customer complaint to claim an order cancellation and reimbursement.
Anyone placing a private order on our site declares to be at least 18 years old or to be of legal age in the country of issuance of the order to carry out this type of order. In addition, the person must have the legal capacity or, failing that, an authorization from the legal representative allowing him to contract it. In the event that these conditions have not been respected in accordance with what is indicated in this contract and in order to resolve any dispute, we reserve the right to contact this person's legal guardian or curator directly. We will therefore be authorized in particular to require it to pay for all the orders it has contracted. We take no legal responsibility for false statements about age. Anyone placing an order for professional needs on our site declares to be 18 years of age or over and to have the legal capacity or, failing that, an authorization from the company, organization or any other related structure and likely to employ it, allowing him to contract it on his behalf. In the event that these conditions have not been respected, in accordance with the clauses provided for in this contract and in order to resolve a possible dispute, we reserve the right to contact the person who will have contracted this order directly and to require '' it settles them in a personal capacity, insofar as it will have guaranteed us in advance by making the request to open an account, that it was authorized to contract in the name of its company or that which employed it then. We assume no legal responsibility for any misrepresentation about age, or ability to contract in the name and for a company.
When you create an account on our site, you agree to the following: You are responsible for your account, its security and its confidentiality, including passwords. All the personal information you provide through your account is current, accurate and truthful. They will need to be updated if they change. Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account if the Customer uses the site illegally or if the conditions of use are violated.
Orders on the Internet are made exclusively on the site Orders can be made by telephone on 021 811 28 28 from Switzerland and on +41 21 811 28 28 accessible from abroad. Orders can also be made by email at [email protected] The contractual information is available in French. When placing an order, the Customer follows the order steps scrolling on the site, verifies the selection of the chosen item (s), fills in the requested invoicing details as well as all the delivery details. The order must be verified before validation of payment, full payment, excluding shipping and processing costs for deliveries outside Switzerland. The confirmation of the order validates the acceptance of these conditions of sale and confirms the operations carried out. The information entered by the Customer as well as the veracity of the name and delivery addresses bind the latter. In any case, the responsibility of Boullard Musique SA is not engaged in the event of an error of information which would prevent Boullard Musique SA from delivering the order. Boullard Musique SA does not follow up on visibly abusive or incomplete orders and reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is or has existed a dispute whatsoever. The Customer agrees and declares to have the full legal capacity allowing him to engage under these general conditions of sale.
An order made in store is subject to a deposit of 30% of the amount at the time of the order and the balance when the equipment is taken. An order established on the site is payable in full. The payment methods are as follows:
  • By bank card from the POSTFINANCE, TWINT, VISA, MASTERCARD and Apple Pay networks. Payments by credit card and Apple Pay are ensured and secured by SaferPay which uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol so that the information transmitted from the website to SaferPay and used on SaferPay is encrypted by software and that no third party can take cognizance of it during transport on the network. The security of the payment process is checked and validated by the Sysnet company: The order will be considered effective after confirmation of the agreement of the bank payment centers. In case of refusal of payment, the order will be automatically canceled.
  • By bank transfer: The costs of transfers are the responsibility of the Customer. It is strongly recommended to indicate the order number in the subject of the bank transfer. You will find the order number in the order confirmation received by email or in your account. The bank details below must be used strictly:

Account number: 10-71937-9 IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 1007 1937 9 BIC / Swift: POFICHBEXXX In the name of: Boullard Musique SA, Riond-Bosson 10, 1110 Morges Please use the ID of your order as a payment reference .

The processing of the order will begin upon receipt of the transfer. In the absence of payment within 21 days, Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to cancel the order. Payments by gift card or voucher on the site, by email or telephone are not accepted. These payment methods are only applicable in store.
Withdrawal from store The withdrawal of the order from the Boullard Musique SA store is possible by selecting the "withdrawal from store" option on the site when placing the order. The order is prepared and set aside while waiting to be claimed. The Customer is informed by e-mail or by telephone as soon as the order is ready for withdrawal from the store. The order can be collected on presentation of the order number as well as an identity document and during the opening hours of the store. If the goods are not taken over by the Customer within 21 days, Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to send the goods to the Customer and at his expense, or to cancel the order, or to terminate the contract purchase. In all cases, compensation can be claimed. Deliveries in Switzerland Deliveries in Switzerland are made only to addresses in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, at the expense and risk of the Customer. Standard deliveries (less than 31 kg) are made with DHL and LAPOSTE carriers depending on the nature of the product. Orders placed before 3 p.m. are delivered to you the next day.

The prices and delivery times can be viewed here.

If the Customer is absent during the delivery of a package, a calling card will be left at the delivery address. Failure to receive the products due to absence and at the expiration of a period of 21 days, Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to recover the goods, to cancel the order and to proceed with the reimbursement (excluding costs processing, packaging and shipping). Bulky deliveries (and / or more than 31 kg and / or FRAGILE and at high value) are made by the Boullard Musique SA team within a radius of 20 km maximum, the products in their original packaging, at no - from the door of the building or the house, excluding acoustic pianos as referred to in the point dedicated to these products. Beyond 20 km, deliveries are made with the transporter CAMION TRANSPORT, the products in their original packaging, on a pallet and as close as possible to the doorstep of the building according to the sidewalk or the house, excluding Acoustic pianos as referred to in the point dedicated to these products. No packaging material can be taken back, it is the Customer's responsibility to organize the management of its packaging waste. A delivery information form is mandatory and duly completed by the Customer before the order confirmation. The Boullard Musique SA team contacts the Customer by telephone to check the delivery information and to agree on the delivery day. No fixed delivery time can be guaranteed.

The prices and delivery times can be viewed here.

The PREMIUM service option Can be added to the basket at the time of ordering and only for all bulky deliveries or over 31 kg. The PREMIUM service is: Taking charge of the delivery by the Boullard Musique SA team. The deposit of the instrument in the room and the location desired by the recipient. The complete commissioning of the instrument. The basic price of the PREMIUM service is 150 CHF for a delivery address less than 60 km from Morges and is added to the standard price of a bulky delivery or more than 31 kg. A fixed price of CHF 1.50 is applied for every additional km beyond 60 km compared to the Boullard Musique SA store, located in Morges (1110), Riond Bosson n ° 10. The calculation is made automatically according to the delivery address entered in the basket when placing the order. Once the order has been validated and paid, the Boullard Musique SA team contacts the Customer to organize the delivery day, the time of the meeting, and check all the information necessary for the smooth running of the delivery. Boullard Musique SA draws the attention of the Customer that it is their responsibility to assess the feasibility of delivery and deposit. A place that is easy to access and compatible with the reception of the product (size of the doors and passages, the size of the elevator, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Customer, if a delivery or deposit defect occurs due to a lack of information when ordering or checks by telephone. In these cases, delivery is made to the possible place of destination. For places where traffic is prohibited, delivery is made to the valley station or as far as it is possible to reach by normal road vehicle. Additional costs may arise due to long journeys to the place of destination, at the expense of the Customer.

The prices and delivery times can be viewed here.

The deliveries of acoustic pianos have been made with the specialized transporter MILOCH for more than 30 years. The postage and processing costs are calculated after validation of the order. The prices vary according to the place of delivery and according to the dimensions of the piano. Boullard Musique SA in collaboration with Miloch are doing their best to obtain the best price. The service is increased by additional costs in the event of difficulties that may arise during transport (particularly difficult floor, use of a crane). The tariff that Boullard Musique SA communicates to the Customer does not include customs clearance costs, taxes and customs duties for transport outside Switzerland, near the border. Deliveries outside Switzerland Deliveries outside Switzerland are made only to complete addresses duly informed by the Customer, at the expense and risk of the latter. For deliveries outside Switzerland, the amount of shipping and handling costs are calculated after validation of the order. These costs are calculated according to the country of destination, the number of packages and the weight. The invoice for shipping costs is sent by email to be paid on the site and, before any packaging and shipping. The amount of the shipping cost invoice can be contested by the Customer. If necessary, results in the cancellation of the initial order, the cancellation of the shipping cost invoice and a full refund of the order within 21 working days. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when ordering outside Switzerland, we invite you to contact the store directly on 021 811 28 28 for any further information. Switzerland is not part of the European Union. By importing goods from abroad, the Customer is subject to taxes which are added to the purchase price of the goods, as well as to transport costs including VAT, customs duties, customs clearance costs ( i.e. the administrative fees collected by the freight forwarder when going through customs, to be differentiated from customs duties).

Standard deliveries (less than 31 kg) outside Switzerland are made with the carrier LAPOSTE.

The prices and delivery times can be viewed here.

Large deliveries (or more than 31 kg) outside Switzerland The prices are personalized for each delivery to ensure a fair price and not overvalued. An order is created on the Customer account comprising the amount of shipping costs to be paid by the means of payment chosen by the Customer.

Boullard Musique SA contacts the Customer to organize the day and time of delivery once the shipping and handling costs have been carried out.
When the order is delivered, the Customer must check the conformity of the packaging and its external appearance. Any torn, open or severely damaged packaging must be refused by the Customer and the anomaly must be reported immediately to the carrier, to the company in charge of the transport and to the store's logistics department with the contact details below. A reservation can be made by the Customer in advance in case of suspicion about the quality of the packaging by notifying it directly on the delivery document to be signed, provided by the carrier, digital or handwritten. These verifications are considered to have been carried out after signature. In the event of an anomaly manifested at the time of unpacking, the Customer must refer it to the store's logistics department within 2 days of the delivery date. All parts of the original packaging must be strictly preserved. They can only be thrown away or destroyed after written consent from the transport company or Boullard Musique SA. The contents of the package due to the conformity of the products ordered as well as the quantity must be checked by the Customer. In the event of obvious non-compliance, the Customer must immediately contact the store's logistics department, with the contact details below. Boullard Musique SA undertakes to proceed with a refund or an exchange of the goods according to the Customer's wishes. The acceptance of the return of products is strictly possible with complete products, unpacked, unused, with the original packaging, instructions and accessories. In these cases, the return costs are the responsibility of Boullard Musique SA. After the period of 2 days following the day of delivery, any complaint is inadmissible.

LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT Telephone: 021 811 28 80 Email: logistics (at)

Delays in delivery due to transport do not give the right to the cancellation of the order nor to its reimbursement, nor to compensation.
The Customer is not entitled to return the goods, including the exclusion of reimbursement of the purchase price. However, for certain items, Boullard Musique SA may grant an exchange of goods under the following conditions:
  • Have notified Boullard Musique SA within 7 days of receipt of the goods.
  • Have the possibility for Boullard Musique SA to be able to exchange the goods for the same category of product.
  • The purchase was made at the point of sale or on the site, provided with the invoice.
  • The original packaging constituting the parcel is strictly kept and used to proceed with the exchange by return of parcel, at the Customer's expense.
  • The items are in their original condition, in perfect condition, not unsealed and with all accessories and instructions.
Boullard Musique SA must not justify the acceptance or rejection of an exchange. The exchange does not give rise to any legal claim for the Customer, and takes place at the goodwill of Boullard Musique SA. The costs of the exchange following a price change are the responsibility of the Customer. In case of payment by bank transfer, the Customer must attach his bank details. Exchange in store is possible. All returned products that do not comply with the conditions mentioned cannot be accepted for an exchange and will in turn be returned to the Customer, and at his expense.
The guarantee is indicated for each article when it exists, on the site and on the invoice. The guarantee written on the packaging is not taken into account. Swiss law is in force in terms of rights for the purchaser, for defects which arise or which are already present before or after the delivery of the products. Boullard Musique SA, or the manufacturer, has several options for applying the warranty:
  • Repair the anomaly, if possible
  • Exchange for the same product or its equivalent
  • Reducing the price
  • Cancel the sale or cancel the contract, reimbursement adapted to the present value of the defective product. During the repair period, the Customer cannot claim a free replacement product.
The stated warranty does not cover transport costs. The warranty periods start on the date of the invoice or the contract and are as follows:
  • For new products: 2 years warranty, unless otherwise indicated.
  • For used products: 1 year warranty, unless otherwise indicated.
Exclusion of the guarantee, are not covered:
  • Consumable-type products with high wear such as picks, strings, cleaning products, bulbs, batteries, spare parts, drum or banjo heads.
  • Products subject to copyright such as scores.
  • Generally unsealed products such as DVDs, CDs, software, spare parts.
  • Products requiring use with the mouth or ears and unsealed, for reasons of hygiene and safety such as reeds, mouthpieces, harmonicas, kazoos, nose flutes, earplugs, protective in-ears.
  • Digital products not supplied on a material medium such as software or licenses.
  • The incompatibility of the software or hardware with the Customer's own hardware. Boullard Musique SA is not held responsible for any incompatibility or loss of data.
  • The replacement of consumable parts of a product or accessories such as the replacement of a skin, the battery (accu.), Bulbs, amp tubes, strings.
  • Damaged products resulting from intentional fault, the liability of a third party, use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, oxidation, an error in commissioning or an external cause ( shock, fire, water damage, lightning ...).
  • Consequential and abusive material and immaterial damage.
The warranty extensions are possible, if and only if, offered by the manufacturers. The procedures are then the responsibility of the Customer. The procedure in the event of a defect, falling within the scope of the application of guarantees, the Customer contact the point of sale Boullard Musique SA directly, or by telephone with the specialist. The sending of the defective product if the Customer is unable to go to the store, is at his own expense and risk. The products must be returned or sent with all the accessories, the original packaging and enclosing the proof of sale. A product not covered by the warranty will automatically be the subject of a repair estimate and may be billed to the Customer. If the quote is accepted by the Customer, it will not be invoiced. If there is no response from the Customer within 21 days, the product will be eliminated. In the context of a product returned by parcel, showing no defect, or having been the subject of no prior agreement, or with defective packaging, or in the absence of accessories will be refused. Boullard Musique SA can claim compensation.
During the warranty period and out of warranty, devices breaking down can be returned to Boullard Musique SA directly to the store in Morges or by post at the Customer's expense. Before returning a faulty item, the Customer must contact Boullard Musique SA support, either by telephone on 021 811 28 28, or by e-mail at: [email protected]. The guarantee is strictly possible by enclosing the invoice as well as the serial number of the products. After examination and inspection of the Boullard Musique SA support, the devices are taken care of either by Boullard Musique SA's internal workshops, or by the after-sales services of the suppliers depending on the nature of the repairs or the products. Sending to the point of sale for repair or maintenance of a product is possible, at the expense and risk of the Customer.
Boullard Musique SA is not responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded for the following causes:
  • Transport services strike.
  • Flood or incendiary disaster.
  • Federal Provisions.
  • Supplier default.
The buyer is solely responsible for the choice of product or service. In any case Boullard Musique SA will not be held responsible in the event of total or partial impossibility to use the products for any causes of incompatibility. Claims for damages for impossibility of performance, breach of the contract, fault during the conclusion of the contract and for unlawful act against Boullard Musique SA and its auxiliaries and accomplishment are entirely excluded. Any liability for indirect and consequential damages resulting from the employment by failed act or poor performance is excluded.
It is in a secure area "https" that registrations and orders are made on our website. For security reasons, credit card and debit card information is not saved in our databases. The personal data as well as the orders made are saved in the IT systems of Boullard Musique SA or in the protected IT systems of our host.
Boullard Musique SA supports end-of-life, obsolete or no longer working electrical and electronic equipment (digital pianos, electronic drums, amplifiers, etc.). This equipment must not be thrown in the trash or in the selective sorting bins of the municipalities. Limiting the waste of raw materials, protecting the environment and human health by avoiding the dispersion in nature of substances contained in certain devices are values that Boullard Musique SA defend. Device support is a service that is billed according to the nature of the product. This is why the Customer can request the taking over of his equipment from Boullard Musique SA according to the cases below:
  • During the delivery of a new device (delivery of digital pianos, electronic drums) by our delivery personnel Boullard Musique SA to the Customer's home.
  • When the Customer comes directly to the store and by his means of transport.
Boullard Musique SA reserves the right to refuse any return if the product presents a risk to the health and safety of personnel.
These general conditions of sale and the online sales contract are subject to Swiss jurisdiction and law (the competent court is in Morges). In the event of a dispute or complaint, the Customer is recommended to contact Boullard Musique SA directly on 021 811 28 28 in order to seek and find an amicable solution. In the absence of an amicable agreement between the Parties, the dispute will be submitted to the Swiss Courts. (Competent court: 1110 Morges - Switzerland)
Terms & Conditions
  • 20% on the basis of the list price
  • Only on items in stock
  • Discounts cannot be combined
  • Return and redemption of non-admitted equipment
Discount not valid on:
  • Akai, Alesis, Arturia, Clavia, Collings, Denon, Efnote, Expressive E, Focusrite, HeadRush, Hit Diffusion, HK Audio, Luthier Philippe Cattiaux, Magnatone, Moog, Native Instruments, Numark, Ortofon, Pioneer, Roli, Salvi, Two- Rock, Waldorf, Yamaha Clavinova CVP, Zaora, Fodera Bass Guitars, Yamaha Agents
  • Selmer Supreme model 2022 anniversary 1922-2022 Limited Edition
  • Used items
  • The products of the categories: Vouchers, Pedal Harps, Celtic Harps, Virtual Instrument, Sheet Music Software, Plug-In Software, Sequencer Software, Update / Upgrade Software
  • Orders placed before the start date and after the announced end date
  • Rentals, Purchase statements
  • Repairs & Services
  • Installment payments
In the case of an item that has been ordered at the same time by two people but for which only one copy is available, only the order with the smallest sequential number will be validated. For additional orders of this article, Boullard Musique SA will contact the supplier and if the product can be obtained within 30 days under the same conditions, the order will be honored. If not, the customer will be reimbursed for this item within 5 days of the response received from our supplier.