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Yamaha U1 Silent

Le piano droit Yamaha U1 est la référence pour les pianos droits de cette gamme. Performances musicales remarquables. Occasion révisée, accordée, banquette incluse !
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The piano department

The piano department of Boullard Music is one of the biggest you can find in Switzerland. The team that manages the department consists of six specialists including 3 piano makers. The department is responsible of the pianos in all there diversity. Our piano department offers a selection of the best pianos on the market. Generally, we have more than 200 upright pianos on display, grand pianos, electric pianos, synthesizers, … and this in virtually all major brands.

  • Upright piano with / without silencer system
  • Grand piano with / without silencer system
  • Electronic piano
  • Synthesizer
  • Stage Piano
  • Master keyboard
  • Keyboard
  • Arranger
  • Electronic and liturgical organs

Upright pianos and grand pianos

All upright pianos and grand pianos that we have in stock have been selected, tested and adjusted by our specialists. For high-end pianos, we personally visit the factories or warehouses of the major brands to select each individual piano.

Storage of our pianos is done according to the rules. Our piano department is equipped with air conditioning and an automatic humidification of our exposition. The temperature is stabilized and the humidity level is stabilized at 48%.

Once you have chosen your piano from our stock, we will take note and will communicate the serial number so that you are sure that the piano you have tried, will be one that has been delivered.

Tuning and adjusting your piano, maintenance recommendations

After delivery of your piano, our technicians ensure a top quality service and give you advice so that your piano is kept in optimum conditions.

If you want to know more about the differences between the types of piano, read our guide which will give you useful information for choosing your future piano.

Rent a piano

If you would like to rent a piano for you or your child, or organise the rental of a piano for a one-time event (concert, recital, wedding, …), our team is at your service to assist you in every step and we take care of everything, transport, tuning, insurance, …

Also note that Boullard Music has one of the biggest and most diverse rental parks of instruments in Switzerland. Over 5000 musical instruments are available for rent.

In addition, our rental system allows you to acquire the instrument at any given time with full deduction of all rent you have already paid.