The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments /  / Hal Leonard : photo 1
The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments /  / Hal Leonard : photo 2
The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments /  / Hal Leonard : photo 3
The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments /  / Hal Leonard : photo 4
The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments /  / Hal Leonard : photo 5

The Real Book - Volume I (6th ed.) Bb Instruments / / Hal Leonard

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Du mardi au samedi


Arrangement: Instruments sib avec accords
Number of pages: 428
ISBN: 9780634060847
UPC: 073999135039
Afternoon in Paris Lewis John
Agua de beber (Water to drink) Jobim Antonio Carlos
Alfie Bacharach B./ David H.
Alice In Wonderland ("Alice au pays des Merveilles") Fain S./ Hilliard B.
All my myself Berlin Irving
All or nothing at all Altman A./ Laurence J.
Amor (Amor, amor, amor) Ruiz/ Mendez/ Newell
Ana Maria Shorter Wayne
Antigua Jobim Antonio Carlos
April joy Metheny Pat
Aren't you glad you're you Van Heusen J./ Burke J.
Arise, her eyes Swallow Steve
Armageddon Shorter Wayne
As long as i live Arlen H./ Koehler T.
Au Privave Parker Charlie
Bark for barksdale Mulligan Gerry
Beauty and the beast Shorter Wayne
Bernie's tune Miller Bernie
Bessie's blues Coltrane John
Between the devil and the deep blue sea Arlen H./ Koehler T.
Beyond the blue horizon Whiting/ Harling/ Robin
Big Nick Coltrane John
Black Nile Shorter Wayne
Blackberry winter Wilder A./ McGlohon L.
Blue bossa Dorham Kenny
Blue champagne Watts/ Ryerson/ Eaton
Blue in green Davis Miles
Blue Monk Monk Thelonious
Blues for Alice Parker Charlie
Bluesette Thielemans J./ Gimbel N.
Boplicity (be bop lives) Davis M./ Evans G.
Brazil Barroso A./ Russell S.K.
Bud Powell Corea C./ Potter N.
Bye bye baby Styne J./ Robin L.
Byrd like Hubbard Freddie
Call me Hatch Tony
Call me irresponsible Van Heusen J./ Cahn S.
Celia Powell Bud
Captain Marvel Corea Chick
Central Park West Coltrane John
Chelsea bells Swallow Steve
Chelsea Bridge Strayhorn Billy
A child is born Jones Thad
Chippie Coleman Ornette
Chitlins con carne Burrell Kenny
Come fly with me Van Heusen J./ Cahn S.
Come sunday Ellington Duke
Como en Vietnam Swallow Steve
Confirmation Parker Charlie
Contemplation Tyner McCoy
Countdown Coltrane John
Crescent Coltrane John
Crystal silence Corea Chick
D natural blues Montgomery John L. “Wes”
Daahoud Brown Clifford
Day waves Corea C./ Potter N.
Dear old Stockholm Varmeland
Dearly beloved Kern J./ Mercer J.
Dedicated to you Cahn/ Chaplin/ Zaret
Deluge Shorter Wayne
Desert air Corea Chick
Dexterity Parker Charlie
Dig Davis Miles
Dizzy atmosphere Gillespie Dizzy
Dolores Shorter Wayne
Doin' the pig Swallow Steve
Dophin dance Hancock Herbie
Domino biscuit Hancock Herbie
Don't blame me McHugh J./ Fields D.
Don't get around much anymore Ellington D./ Russell B.
Don't know why Harris Jesse
Dreamsville Mancini Henry
Easy living Robin L./ Rainger R.
Acclusiastics Mingus Charles
Eighty one Davis M./ Carte R.
El gaucho Shorter Wayne
The end of a love affair Redding Edward C.
Epistrophy Monk T./ Clarke K.
Equinox Coltrane John
Equipoise Cowell Stanley
E.S.P. Shorter Wayne
Everything happens to me Dennis M./ Adair T.
Exactly like you McHugh J./ Fields D.
The face i love Valle M./ Gilbert R.
Fall Shorter Wayne
Falling grace Swallow Steve
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Swallow Steve
500 miles high Corea Chick
502 blues Rowles James
Follow your heart McLaughlin John
For all we know Coots J.F./ Lewis S.M.
For every man there's a woman Arlen H./ Robin L.
For heaven's sake Meyer/ Bretton/ Edwards
Forest flower Lloyd Charles
Four on six Montgomery Wes
Freddie freeloader Davis Miles
Freedom jazz dance Harris Eddie
Full house Montgomery John L. “Wes”
Gemini Heath Jimmy
Get happy Arlen H./ Koehler T.
Gloria's step LaFaro Scott
Good morning heartache Fisher/ Higginbothan/ Drake
Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America Guerin John
Got a match? Corea Chick
Grand Central Coltrane John
The green mountains Swallow Steve
Heart and soul Carmichael H./ Loesser F.
Heebie Jeebies Atkins Boyd
Hello, young lovers Rodgers R./ Hammerstein O.
High hopes Van Heusen J./ Cahn S.
Hot Toddy Hendler H./ Flanagan R.
House of Jade Shorter Wayne
How insensitive (Insensatez) Jobim Antonio Carlos
How my heart sings Zindars Earl & Anne
Hullo Bolinas Swallow Steve
I don't know why (I just do) Ahlert F.E./ Turk R.
I don't want to walk without you Styne J./ Loesser F.
I found a million dollar baby (In a five and ten cent store) Warren/ Rose/ Dixon
I hear music Lane B./ Loesser F.
I keep going back to Joe's Fischer M./ Segal J.
I mean you Monk T./ Hawkins C.
I should care Cahn/ Stordah/ Weston
I wanna be loved Green/ Rose/ Heyman
I wished on the moon Parker D./ Rainger R.
I won't dance McHugh/ Fields/ Kern/ Hammerstein/ Harbach
I'll be seeing you Fain S./ Kahal I.
I'll get ba (As long as i have you) Ahlert F.E./ Turk R.
I'll never smile again Lowe Ruth
I'm always chasing rainbows Carroll H./ McCarthy J.
I'm old fashioned Kern J./ Mercer J.
I'm your pal Swallow Steve
I've never been in love before Loesser Frank
Icarus Towner Ralph N.
If you never come to me (Inutil paisagem) Jobim Antonio Carlos
Ill wind (You're blowin' me no good) Arlen H./ Koehler T.
Impressions Coltrane John
In love in vain Kern J./ Robin L.
In the cool, cool, cool of the evening Carmichael H./ Mercer J.
In the wee small hours of the morning Mann D./ Hilliard B.
The inch worm Loesser Frank
Indian Lady Ellis Don
Interplay Evans Bill
The intrepid fox Hubbard Freddie
invitation Kaper B./ Webster P.F.
Iris Shorter Wayne
Is you is or is you ain’t (Ma’ baby) Austin B./ Jordan L.
Isn't it romantic? Rodgers R./ Hart L.
Israel Carisi John
It's a big wide wonderful world Rox John
It's easy to remember Rodgers R./ Hart L.
It's so nice to have a man around the house Spina H./ Elliott J.
Jelly Roll Mingus Charles
The jive samba Adderley Nat
Jordu Jordan Duke
Journey to recife Evans R./ Gimbel N.
Joy spring Brown Clifford
Juju Shorter Wayne
June in january Robin L./ Rainger R.
Jump Monk Mingus Charles
Just one more chance Johnston A./ Coslow S.
Kelo Johnson J.J.
Lady sings the blues Nichols H./ Holiday B.
The Lady's in love with you Lane B./ Loesser F.
Las Vegas tango Evans Gil
Lazy Bird Coltrane John
Lazy river Carmichael H./ Arodin S.
Let's get away from it all Adair T./ Dennis M.
Line for Lyons Mulligan Gerry
Little boat Menescal/ Boscoli/ Kaye
Lines and spaces Lovano Joe
Litha Corea Chick
Little girl blue Rodgers R./ Hart L.
Little waltz Carter Ron
Lonnie's lament Coltrane John
Mahjong Shorter Wayne
Maiden voyage Hancock Herbie
A man and a woman (Un homme et une femme) Lai Francis
Man in the green shirt Zawinul Joe
Mas que nada Ben Jorge
Maybe i should change my ways La Touche J./ Ellington D.
The meaning of the blues Troup B./ Worth L.
Meditation (Meditacao) Jobim Antonio Carlos
Michelle Lennon J./ McCartney P.
Midnight mood Zawinul Josef
Midwestern nights dream Metheny Pat
Milano Lewis John
Mimi Rodgers R./ Hart L.
Miss Ann Dolphy Eric
Missouri uncompromised Metheny Pat
Miyako Shorter Wayne
Moon and sand Wilder/ Palitz/ Engvick
Moonlight becomes you Van Heusen J./ Burke J.
More i cannot wish you Loesser Frank
My Buddy Donaldson W./ Kahn G.
My favorite things Rodgers R./ Hammerstein O.
My ideal Whiting/ Chase/ Robin
My silent love Suesse D./ Heyman E.
Naima (Niema) Coltrane John
Mysterious traveller Shorter Wayne
Nancy - With the laughing face Van Heusen J./ Silvers P.
Nefertiti Shorter Wayne
Never let me go Livingston J./ Evans R.
Never will i Marry Loesser Frank
Night dreamer Shorter Wayne
The night has a thousand eyes Brainin J./ Bernier B.
A night in Tunisia Gillespie Dizzy
The night we called it a day Adair T./ Dennis M.
No moon at all Mann D./ Evans R.
Nobody else but me Kern J./ Hammerstein O.
Nobody knows you when your down and out Cox Jimmie
Nostalgia in times square Mingus Charlie
(Old man from) The old country Adderley N./ Lewis C.R.
Oliloqui Valley Hancock Herbie
On a slow boat to China Loesser Frank
Once in love with amy Loesser Frank
One finger snap Hancock Herbie
Only trust your heart Carter B./ Cahn S.
Orbits Shorter Wayne
Ornithology Parker C./ Harris B.
Out of nowhere Greeny J./ Heyman E.
Paper doll Black Johnny S.
Passion dance Tyner McCoy
Peace Silver Horace
Peggy's blue skylight Mingus Charles
Pent up house Rollins Sonny
Penthouse serenade Jason W./ Burton V.
Peri's scope Evans Bill
Pfrancing (No blues) Davis Miles
Pinocchio Shorter Wayne
Pithecanthropus erectus Mingus Charles
Portsmouth figurations Swallow Steve
Prelude to a kiss Ellington/ Gordon/ Mills
Pretend Douglas/ Parman/ Lavere
Prince of Darkness Shorter Wayne
P.S. i love you Jenkins G./ Mercer J.
Pure imagination Bricusse L./ Newley A.
Pussy cat dues Mingus Charles
Put on a happy face Strouse C./ Adams L.
Quiet now Zeitlin Denny
Quizas, quizas, quizas (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps) Farres Oswaldo
Red Clay Hubbard Freddie
Red top Hampton L./ Kynard K.
Reflections Monk Thelonious
Reincarnation of a lovebird Mingus Charles
Road song Montgomery Wes
Rockin' chair Carmichael Hoagy
The saga of Harrison's Crabfeathers Kuhn Steve
Scotch and soda Guard Dave
Scrapple from the apple Parker Charlie
Seven steps to heaven Davis M./ Feldman V.
Sidewinder Morgan Lee
Silver hollow De Johnette Jack
Sirabhorn Metheny Pat
Sister Sadie Silver Horace
Small fry Carmichael H./ Loesser F.
Some day my prince will come Churchill F./ Morey L.
Some other spring Herzogg A./ Kitchings I.
Some skunk funk Brecker Randy
Somebody love me Gershwin George
The song is you Kern J./ Hammerstein O.
Song of the jet (Samba do aviao) Jobim Antonio Carlos
The sorcerer Hancock Herbie
Speak no evil Shorter Wayne
The Sphinx Coleman Ornette
Standing on the corner Loesser FRank
The star-crossed lovers Elington D./ Strayhorn B.
Steps Corea Chick
Stolen moments Nelson Oliver
Straight no chaser Monk Thelonious
Stuff Davis Miles
A sunday kind of love Belle/ Prima/ Leonard/ Rhodes
The Surrey with the fringe on top Rodgers R./ Hammerstein O.
Sweet Georgia Bright Lloyd Charles
Sweet Henry Swallow S./ Gregg J.
Tame thy pen Niles Richard
Teach me tonight DePaul G./ Cahn S.
Thanks for the memory Robin L./ Rainger R.
Tell me a bedtime story Hancock Herbie
There'll be some changes made Overstreet B./ Higgins B.
That's amore (That's love) Warren H./ Brooks J.
They didn't believe me Kern J./ Reynolds H.
Things ain't what they used to be Ellington Mercer
Think on me Cables George
Three flowers Tyner McCoy
Time remembered Evans Bill
Tones for Joan's Bones Corea Chick
Topsy Battle E./ Durham E.
Tour de force Gillespie Dizzy
Tune up Davis Miles
Twisted blues Montgomery Wes
Uniquity road Metheny Pat
Unity village Metheny Pat
Upper Manhattan medical group (UMMG) Strayhorn Billy
Valse hot Rollins Sonny
Very early Evans Bill
Violets for your furs Adair T./ Dennis M.
Virgo Shorter Wayne
Watermelon man Hancock Herbie
Wave Jobim Antonio Carlos
We'll be togheter again Fischer C./ Lane F.
West Coast blues Montgomery Wes
What i did for love Hamlisch M./ Kledan E.
What was Corea Chick
When sunny gets blue Fischer M./ Segal J.
While we're young Wilder/ Palitz/ Engvick
Why try to change me now McCarthy J./ Coleman Cy
Windows Corea Chick
Wild flower Shorter Wayne
Witch hunt Shorter Wayne
With every breath i take Robin L./ Rainger R.
Wives and loveers (Hey, little girl) Bacharach B./ David H.
Woodchopper's ball Bishop J./ Herman W.
The world is waiting for the sunrise Seitz E./ Lockhart E.
Yes and no Shorter Wayne
Yes indeed Oliver Sy
Yesterdays Kern J./ Harbach D.
You brought a new kind of love to me Fain/ Kahal/ Norman
You don't know what love is Raye D./ DePaul G.
You're mine you Green J.W./ Heyman E.
Young at heart Richards J./ Leigh C.
Younger than springtime Rodgers R./ Hammerstein O.
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