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Looking for a Jack cable? Find the cable you need from our wide choice: 1/4 jack, 3.5 jack, patch ...

Jack cables are available in several formats due to their size and their contact points.

Each jack cable, by its size, is defined for a particular purpose:
  • Jack 1/4 (6.35mm) original socket very common in the audiovisual industry
  • Jack to the PJ-068 standard (5.23mm) used for audio connections in aviation
  • Miniature jack (3.5mm) commonly used in the home audio world
  • Subminiature jack (2.5mm) widely used in the hifi field
Each of its cables exists at several contact points:
  • 2-point mono contact: ground & signal
  • Mono symmetrical 3-point contact: ground, hot and cold point
  • 3-point stereo contact: ground, right and left signal
  • 3-point insert contact: ground, return, send
There are also versions with 4 contact points for broadcasting a video signal.

How to identify where to plug a cable jack?

In 1998 Microsoft and Intel developed a standard called PC 99 to help identify where to plug a jack cable on a color coded sound card.