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Musical instrument repair center in Switzerland

Since the creation in 1979 of Boullard Musique, the repair of musical instruments has always been part of the services offered by the store.

It must be said that the founder of Boullard Musique, Alain Boullard, was a precision mechanic by profession while being an accordionist recognized throughout French-speaking Switzerland!
His wish, his vision, was to be able to offer a full service around musical instruments in the store.
The small repair shop, present since the creation of the Boullard Musique store, has grown over time to become a large musical instrument repair center in Switzerland .
Our repair center, physically located in the very heart of the 2500 m² of our Boullard Musique store in Morges, provides you with 5 repair workshops for your musical instruments:

The informed eye and the expert hands of our repairers check in detail not only the condition and proper functioning of all the instruments that we sell, whether on their arrival in our store but also when they leave with you. Our workshops take care of restoring shape, health and even a new life to your instruments, even if you did not buy them from us.
You can bring your instrument to the store during opening hours.
You are welcomed and advised by our team of instrument repairers.
When the repair can be done immediately, you can attend our workshops and see with your own eyes our repairer at work and your instrument regaining its health!
Thanks to the large stock of spare parts that we have in store, repair times can be very short.
If the repair requires spare parts that we do not have in stock, we immediately place an order with our suppliers.
If you live a bit far from our store Boullard Musique, you can first send photos and talk on the phone with our luthiers and piano makers before moving.
For the tunings and expertise of your acoustic pianos, we work directly with you.
Our repairers are all qualified in instrument billing.
They are qualified professionals, with years of experience, who take care of your instruments.