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Apolline is an arts school based in Lausanne, Switzerland, which is resolutely accessible to everyone and is not limited to teaching a single artistic field. Thus, students can benefit from the synergies and bridges built between the different disciplines. We help students meet, play and create together. With us, they go further, they realize their projects and their dreams!

Apolline offers various music and visual art courses. It allows you to discover, learn, or improve your technique. Thus, our courses are open to everyone, whether you are a beginner or experienced, whether you are in a leisure or professionalization process. Drum lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, group music workshop, comic and manga illustration lessons, academic drawing lessons, painting lessons, and much more.

Our teaching is different from a conventional system, because with us music is played without scores. We place above all emphasis on the study of harmony, the development of the ear and the practice of the instrument.

In our fully equipped studio, you will be accompanied by a music professional through an efficient, modern and friendly learning process.

Having played with internationally renowned artists and trained active musicians on stage, we have also collaborated with renowned companies and brands such as Technics, Yamaha or Roland.

The Adac provides various teachers and workshops where it is possible to collectively approach various forms of art (painting, music, dance, theater, rhythm, musical).

The Adac accompanies you according to your level and your artistic needs. Unlike a traditional school, the Adac is intended for the development of the arts through group practice rather than individual lessons, including the music section; As such, the workshops are a valuable source of interaction.

The professional choice of our teachers is not made only on the quality of their teaching, but also on their experience, their creativity and their visibility on the cultural scene.