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Find and buy DW (Drum Workshop) products offering drums & accessories for drummers.

In 1972, Don Lombardi opened a music school called DW (Drum Workshop) offering lessons around drums and percussions.

Quickly financial difficulties came to challenge Don who opened a shop of drums and percussions in order to help finance the school. It was at this time that Don and his first collaborators began to imagine products at the service of drummers. Quickly, their ideas came to life with the design and manufacture of an adjustable drum seat that was quickly commissioned by a good number of drummers and percussionists. Over the years and their experiences as teachers, musicians and drummers: the associates began to imagine and manufacture a whole range of DW drums and accessories for drummers and percussionists. Today DW is a key player in the drums market, putting its expertise at the service of drummers around the world.