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Founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, the Japanese brand Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments, especially pianos, in the world.

Torakusu Yamaha, founder of the brand, began this incredible epic by designing a reed organ in 1887. The Nippon Gakki company was created, which later became Yamaha Corporation, allowing it to develop the design of instruments of music starting with upright pianos.

The Yamaha company will continue its rapid development by opening up to the world market in 1966. Yamaha will gradually be broken down into several sectors in order to diversify its production and its expertise:
  • Yamaha Percussions : which offers percussions and drums
  • Yamaha Pianos : manufacturing of acoustic and digital pianos
  • Yamaha Strings : violins, double bass cellos ...
  • Yamaha Winds : offering renowned wind instruments around the world
  • Yamaha Guitars : manufacture of guitars, basses, amps ...
One of the promises of Yamaha, known under the slogan "Make Waves" , is to inspire and help everyone passionate about music to express their individuality, their emotions and their creativity through their products. This commitment is supported by a philosophy bringing together performance, authenticity and innovation in the manufacture of musical instruments . Yamaha now has more than 6,000 music schools around the world with more than 600,000 students and 80,000 teachers. We can count among them many famous artists such as Abraham Laboriel, Adam Frey, Adam Topol, André Ceccarelli, etc ...