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Since Wilhelm Schimmel made his first piano in 1885, the German brand has established itself and is currently the most popular in the world, and the most productive, which in no way detracts from the quality or the care given to the manufacture of pianos.

After a meteoric boom in Germany from 1894 to 1890, the company's reputation was gained internationally and the Schimmel pianos (made in Germany) were exported internationally. From that moment the company was rewarded with many prizes such as: the provider of the King of Romania, gold medals and others ...

In 1915, the brand created an automatic playing piano called Ducanola . Other innovations of the brand followed thereafter. Notably in 1951 when Schimmel exhibited a first version of the acrylic glass piano . Today, and since 2016, Schimmel has been strategically supported by the Chinese group Pearl River Piano in order to conquer China and the Asian market with a new brand called Fridolin Schimmel . The brand also offers, in addition to its usual ranges, art models in collaboration with artists. Among its models are: the acrylic glass piano, the Pegasus or a multi-colored grand piano designed by Otmal Alt. To meet the ever-increasing demands of renowned professional pianists, the brand continues to evolve to come closer and closer to perfection. Touch, sound, power make Schimmel exceptional pianos.